3D Carbon Fiber Sample

3D Carbon Fiber Sample
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3D Carbon Fiber Sample
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~ 3D textured material

~ You can touch the actual TEXTURE on the film, giving the most realistic touch to your car

~ 10 YEAR indoor / 5 year outdoor life

~ Can be heated with LOW HEAT to conform to difficult shapes

~ .2 MM thickness

~ Top quality German adhesive with built-in air channels for bubble free installation.

~ Textured with the carbon fiber design

~ 3 dimensional look and feel

~ Self adhesive

~ Air pocket release backing design so there are no bubbles

~ Will not harm your paint or natural finish

~ Can be applied and reapplied for desired look

~ Water proof and stain resistant

~ Indoor life of over 10+ years

~ Outdoor life of over 5 years

~ UV protected

~ Can be shaped and molded over complex curves

~ Can also be used with a heat gun or household blow drier for shaping

~Very flexible and stretchable

~Super thin (0.2mm) to fit in most tight spots or corners Can be used for other projects other than automotive

~Super easy to use

~Low cost compared to a paint job!