DOT Helmet Replacement decals

DOT Helmet Replacement decals
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DOT Helmet Replacement decals
DOT Helmet Replacement Stickers.

Click image for large view of actual stickers.

Replace that old worn peeling DOT sticker now with a new one.

~ Size options: 1.5 inch wide by 0.7 inch tall or 1 x 1/2 inch. You may also buy one of each size.

~ Qty: 2

~ Made of 7 year self adhesive vinyl

~ >>> I AM NOW OFFERING PAINT MASKThis will get you 2 paint mask stencils that go on like a sticker. You then spray paint the Dot in and remove the mask stencil.

~ Mounts on most any clean SMOOTH surface.

Peel n stick ! (1) Remove paper backing (2) Apply Sticker to area, Use credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. (3) Remove Clear application tape.

Sticker is Design only, NO background color when applied.