Jeep Yeti walking unicorn sticker

Jeep Yeti walking unicorn sticker
Item# jeep-yeti-walking-unicorn-sticker
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Product Description

Sticker Design for: Yeti walking unicorn in forest

~ This sticker fits above many car emblems/badges. Check yours for size before ordering.

~ Good for outside of car windows, Jeep body, laptops tool boxes ect

QTY: 2

~ Size: 3-1/2 X 8 Inches each

~ 8 year automotive grade vinyl

~ Die cut style with no background or clear parts.

~ Automotive Grade Vinyl Sticker.

Just Peel n stick !

(1) Remove paper backing

(2) Apply Sticker to area, Use credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

(3) Remove Clear application tape.