RESERVED Strayer & Friends custom items

RESERVED Strayer & Friends custom items
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Product Description

RESERVED FOR: Strayer / hAMILTON & Friends

>> This item is not for sale to the general public. Reserved for a VIP customer only.

Sticker Design: Various designs

~ Qty: 1

~ Size: 1/2 X 1-1/2, 2x6 inch, Logos 1x3 and 2x6

~ Sticks to outside of car window

~ One color, no background

~ Long Life automotive grade vinyl

Shipping choices: 1st Class or Priority mail at checkout.

~ Just PEEL N STICK ! Easy to remove.

1) Waxy paper backing (Remove and dispose of.

2) Vinyl Design (The sticker) Place on you window or laptop and smooth out with credit card.

3) Remove clear transfer tape