Should I use a DRY METHOD?

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Should I use a dry method? YES ! You will need a needle, a laminated drivers license or a similar type squeegee.

Apply Decal at room temperature ( 55 to 75 degrees) or above. The warmer it is, the better it works, but, try to avoid direct sunlight.

Take the drivers license or squeegee and flatten the Decal on both sides by rubbing over it. If your Decal was shipped rolled, lay it out flat and let it relax for an hour or so. The Decal will be easier to handle if flat. Next, try to make sure the air bubbles are removed as much as possible. There should be only a few bubbles at this point.

Double check to make sure that your Decal(s) were meant for inside or outside application. 99% of the time they will be for the outside.

Turn the Decal upside down on the transfer tape and pull backing off SLOWLY. The backing is the heavier gauge paper. Using a needle or similar pointed object, hold edges of letters and all small areas while pulling away the backing. If a letter moves, just position it back into place by pushing backing down and move letter back to original position.

Now apply the Decal. Hold the Decal over your desired location and slowly apply the Decal to the surface. Try to touch the surface first at the center of the Decal and then flatten out to the sides. Next, use your drivers license or squeegee again to flatten as much of the Decal as possible. The transfer tape will allow you to rub the decal without damaging it. .

Peel back an edge of transfer tape SLOWLY. Watch the small letters and corners, making sure they are sticking to surface, and not to the transfer tape. Remember, PATIENCE IS THE KEY. DO NOT RUSH. Once the transfer tape is removed, take your fingers and rub gently over the corners and points of your decal to make sure they are adhered firmly to the surface. If by chance you have an air bubble(s), use your needle and give the air bubble(s) a small poke, this will create a small hole for the air to escape. Press around the air bubble, working the air to the small hole. The bubbles may disappear after a day or two.

Once the Decal touches the glass or paint, it cannot be moved again. PATIENCE IS THE KEY.