Snowmobile Registration Numbers

Snowmobile Registration Numbers
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Snowmobile Registration Numbers

We will custom make a matched set of registration numbers for your Snowmobile. Simply give us thennumbers when completing your order.

Snowmobile registration numbers are assigned by each individual state. These identifiers must be permanently displayed in the 3" x 7" space provided by the manufacturer on the cowling pan or if no space is provided they must be placed on each side of the snowmobile on the upper half, forward of the handlebars in a visible location. Our custom vinyl numbers and letters meet the requirements of being 2" high with a 3/16" stroke width. All states require that the decal numbers be of a contrasting color to the snowmobile; and the DNR issue validation decal must be placed to immediately follow your custom registration number.

Aproxamate Size: 2" minimum x 7" long and use Arial Black Font (Example Shown in Product Image)

Automotive Grade Vinyl

Sticker can be cleared over.

Water and Chemical resistant !

Adhesive back material.

3 Mill thickness

Qty: Matched set of 2

Sticks to glass or most any smooth painted surface.

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